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With Covid-19 now at a pandemic scale, we will continue to support our clients throughout this difficult time whilst keeping our employees and their families safe.

We have been preparing for this scenario since the outbreak was confirmed in China and have put measures in place that will enable us to continue to deliver for our clients in a safe and responsible way.

Our measures include:

  • Enabling effective working from home where possible to protect staff

  • Separating teams with overlapping skills to reduce any interruption within our workshops

  • Increasing our virtual working spaces with additional video and teleconference capabilities so we can continue to collaborate across our company and with our clients

Our ambition is to maintain the pace of delivery on all our projects and to be available to our clients to support them in this difficult time.

Some of our staff have volunted to join in the Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group in Cambridgeshire to support elderly people's needs. Auxergo is also happy to support any people in this area during the crisis.

If you have a challenge around available resources or have an opportunity you would like to discuss with us, please contact

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