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Auxergo can support you with the cost-efficient recruitment of participants for your study.


Successful participant engagement and recruitment are key for optimal research or study outcomes. It is therefore critical that potential barriers and risks to participant recruitment and retention are understood as early as possible. Each study should be designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring participants are recruited on time and retained throughout a study to meet the quality standards required.

We can support you to recruit patients, healthcare professionals, nurses, carers, hospital managers, and other participants for market research, clinical trials, and human factors and usability studies. Depending on your target demographic, our search for participants spans the UK, EU, China and beyond, so we can ensure an excellent mix of participants in different hospital trusts and socioeconomic regions.

We establish the recruitment strategy early in the design and development process. We look at enrolment metrics, risk identification, mitigation processes, and periodic participant recruitment review meetings. Everything that is needed to drive success.

All of our data is stored in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR 2018) and UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and our Data Protection Officer ensures our processes are safe, reliable and followed and up-to-date. To read our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy, please click here.

Recruitment services


We use a different approach to recruit participants, allowing us to enrol the right participants early to meet tight deadlines.


We ensure we fully understand your requirements, as well as the needs and limitations of participants, to help us achieve your required goals quickly with motivated participants.

We always double-screen participants, which results in a low rate of data error, a high level of recruitment precision, and a high retention rate.

Additionally, we are well versed on the requirements of FDA approval and CE marking, so we ensure that the quality and number of participants meet the regulations.

We charge a specific fee per participant without charging a specific project management fee. We only charge for participants who comply with your specified requirements (e.g. inclusion/ exclusion criteria) and turn up for a study.

Recruitment Strategy
High Quality Data
Predictable Costs

We use our affiliate network to its full potential as part of our recruitment strategy. This allows us to maximise the target demographic as we adjust for each project, making us able to find eligible participants.

We know our participants, and we use targeted approaches to ensure that they are motivated to participate in a study.

We also take the time to maintain good relationships with participants and our affiliate network to motivate future participation in studies.

We also manage all aspects of the fieldwork for you. From checking or writing screening interview questions or questionnaires, booking your viewing facility and organising logistics for your stimulus materials, through to moderation, translation, and transcription.

Affiliate Network
Participant Contact
Managing All Aspects
Recruitment process


The agility in our processes and our full-service expertise means we can deliver on even the toughest challenges:

  • We build a recruitment strategy based on our understanding of your requirements and participants circumstances (e.g. quotas, diseases or conditions, locations, and timelines).

  • We identify the study route and the investigational sites, as well as managing recruitment.

  • We assess all individuals involved in participant recruitment to ensure that they are eligible participants.

  • We can help you review your interview questions, questionnaires or any documentation that will be involved in collecting data.

  • We help you organise the recruitment timeline, location and work hard to ensure participant attendance.

  • We are also happy to support you in translation and transcription of your data, if required.


We always support you to collect, verify, and validate real-world data. Auxergo is an expert in various data acquisition methodologies used in the collection and analysis of human factors and usability data, design and development process data, and risk-related data. We reveal the value of your study data to help you better understand participant outcomes. This can range from capturing data from healthcare products through to linking consented participant data to large national real-world data sets.


For our where and how we collect and analyse human factors and usability engineering data, please see Our Experience and Human Factors and Usability.

Real-world data
Work with us


If you would like us to help you recruit participants, please click the Recruitment Support link below to send us your requirements.

We are regularly looking for healthcare professionals, nurses, hospital mangers, and patients to take part in studies. Therefore, please register your interest in taking part, either in our current or future studies, by clicking the Be a Participant link below.

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