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Corona Virus and the Healthcare Market Panel Discussion Response

As C-19 has a great impact on the world and healthcare industry, Auxergo organised a webinar panel discussion on “How to Access the Chinese Medical Device Market in the Post COVID-19 World” along with HiMed and Zhuyitai.

The panel discussion covered:

· The effect of C-19 on medical device development

· New trends in medical device technology and development because of C-19

· Challenges for British medical device companies in entering the Chinese market

· Efficient and effective methods to enter the Chinese market for British medical device companies

Our five panellists are from different backgrounds in the healthcare industry, and all have plenty of experience on Sino-UK businesses and research. They shared their insights, with the highlights being new trends in medical device technology and development in China and globally; efficient and effective ways for medical device companies to enter the Chinese market with lower finical and other risks; and how companies should go about preparing to access the Chinese market.

With only one week of promotion, we had 98 people register for the panel discussion and 66 people watching live, and more than 100 people watched the replay so far. We have had incredibly positive feedback and will organise more events and training courses soon!

is a training course programme under Auxergo in 2020. We invite our outstanding specialists and experts in the healthcare industry to provide training courses covering both the British and Chinese healthcare markets.

Auxergo academy training courses are for companies and individuals and cover a variety of subjects in healthcare development. Topics include human factors and usability, quality management systems, clinical testing, contract research organisation (CRO), China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) regulations, FDA and CE marking medical device regulations, European Authorised Representative, overseas investment, medical device and surface design, healthcare system design, and medical enterprise branding design. We also provide custom courses, please contact us to talk about the topics you are interested in and we can design a course to suit your needs.

We welcome you to become an Auxergo Member! Benefits include:

  • a full range of online and offline training courses with an excellent discount;

  • access to systematic knowledge of the healthcare industry;

  • business or market leads;

  • Chinese market, culture, investment, and business technical advice and one to one support;

  • and strong networking and long-term business relationships.

We are always excited for new members to join!

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