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Chinese Human Factors Laboratory- Site Construction

Last year, Auxergo and our partner, BeFitLab, collaborated with the Jiangsu local government to establish and operate a human factors and usability laboratory in China. The human factors laboratory includes a basic usability testing lab, a surgery simulation lab, and an ICU simulation lab. The laboratory will carry out all the human factors work to help EU, American, Chinese or international companies to comply with FDA, IEC, MHRA, and NMPA human factors standards and enter their desired markets. The laboratory will be equipped with comprehensive human factors testing equipment such as an eye tracker, Vicon motion capture system, mechanical testing system, virtual simulation system, communication system, video monitoring system, surgical manikin, experimental bench, surgical equipment, and ICU equipment.

For the detailed information, please read our pervious article: Chinese Medical Device Multi-testing Centre including Human Factors Laboratory

The construction of the more than 8,000 square meters building has progressed well: the exterior has been completed and the internal construction phase is now underway, with the ground floor nearly finished.

Some site construction photos:

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