Human Factors and Usability Engineering
Auxergo is a solutions-driven human factors and usability engineering consultancy in the healthcare industry

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Auxergo is a solutions-driven consultancy in both the British and Chinese healthcare industries. We apply a range of human factors techniques to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions for your medical devices or systems. Good user interaction reduces the occurrence of clinical errors, and we at Auxergo know the benefits of applying the most effective human factors and usability engineering practices through the entire design and development process to help improve users' lives.


We have a comprehensive understanding of human factors and risk management guidelines to ensure you meet regulatory requirements.


We work internationally with all sizes of companies in the healthcare industry. Our work complies with the relevant standards and regulations. We adhere to global industry level data protection standards and guarantee total confidentiality for the data we collect and analyse.



We combine human factors and usability engineering, methodology, participant recruitment and engagement, and experience-based co-design to support you in developing safe and high-quality medical devices and systems.

​Human Factors And Usability Engineering

We offer you a range of comprehensive and high-quality bespoke services, from early concept through to commercial launch. This covers the entire development process, whether you need formative studies or summartive studies, to help you achieve commercial success.


Participant Recruitment

Whether it is patients, healthcare professionals, nurses, carers, or hospital mangers, we support you to recruit participants cost-efficiently. Using our strong recruitment strategy and affiliate network, we ensure high data quality and predictable costs.


We help you produce detailed and refined concepts, designs, and prototypes by using human factors techniques for your devices, labelling, and packaging. We also help you test their usability to ensure they are safe and the quality matches standards and regulations.


We use, as well as develop, structured scientific and systematic methodologies to deliver effective and reliable solutions. We also apply the methodologies to independent research in both the clinical and home environments.

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